Biweekly Summer Flower Share

Biweekly Summer Flower Share

The biweekly share gets you 10 bouquets total spread across the growing season (early June through mid-October). A wonderful gift to a friend, loved one, or even for yourself! Pay in full now to give a small local farm a boost for the year, and secure fresh flowers for the whole summer!


Due to ongoing health and safety concerns regarding Covid-19, we have decided to offer either free pickup for your bouquets at our farm in Braddock Hills, or delivery to your home! Delivery will be charged as a flat fee of $60 for the whole summer ($6 per week). Our delivery radius is within 10 miles of the farm. Please contact us with any questions before purchasing. 


    Bi-weekly bouquets available for home delivery! Expect a seasonal mix of locally grown flowers and foliage from our gardens. ($16 per bouquet, optional $6 per delivery)


    To maximize beauty, we recommend changing the water on your flowers daily, as well as trimming 1/4-1/2 inch off the stems every few days. Flower preservative can be added, or even just a small splash of bleach to keep the water clean.