Dahlia Tubers

Dahlia Tubers

Dahlia tubers are now available for preorder! Pickup at the Squirrel Hill Farmer's Market 5/23. Each tuber is potted in grower's mix, and all are guaranteed to have at least an eye, if not a full sprout. All varieties were selected for cut flower growers, so are good producers (lots of flowers on each plant!)


This is only our first round of tubers for sale, and we will offer more once we go through our stock again, if the demand fits! 


Use coupon code "3FOR12" for $3 off orders of 3 or more! Code CAN be stacked so don't hold back your gardening urges!!


Dahlias like full sun and ample water, but not too much--this can lead to tuber rot. We recommend planting in a peat-y and well draining soil (just mix in the soil from the pot!) with a handful of good compost and an optional 1/4 C of bone meal in the ground. The tuber should be layed on its side with the eye/sprout facing up, about 2" from the surface. Because of their huge flowers, Dahlias benefit from support--a simple tomato cage or a stake with mesh can suffice. Dahlias are not winter hardy in our zone, so plants must be dug in the fall if you want to keep them for the next year. Each tuber can produce up to at least 10 additional tubers by the end of the summer, so you can have so many more next year!


Photos are in order of descriptions below:


POOH: One of our favorites. A very cute and cheery yellow-and-red collarette variety. Flowers are 3-4". Tall plants can reach up to 5' in the garden with support. An excellent producer and great for pollinators because of the open center.

ROBIN HOOD: Another favorite. I'll be saying that a lot. This is an orangey-pink rusty Ball type dahlia. Blooms 3-4". Plant is a fantastic producer for flowers, and can reach about 4' in the garden with support. Color brightens to practically neon in cooler fall weather. 

PINK CACTUS: This one's a bit of a mystery for us. Photo above is our own for reference. A very bright pink flower with spiky petals, and an interesting and identifiable plant with its darker stems. Flowers are about 3-4".

LITTLE CAESAR: A cute and fun orange Pompon dahlia. Small blooms, about 1-2", but very good producer. Plant reaches about 4' in the garden with support. 

THOMAS EDISON: A gorgeous velvety purple "Formal Decorative" dahlia. Blooms can reach up to 5" if pinched. Plants grow up to 5' in the garden with support. 

CORNEL: A red Ball type dahlia, and another favorite at that. Fantastic vase life. Blooms are about 3-4", plants grow to 4' in the garden. An excellent tuber producer in the fall. 

BRIAN R: A perfectly pink FD type dahlia. Blooms are very large, around 4-5" for us last year. A favorite.

CAFÉ AU LAIT: Probably the most popular dahlia on the market. Cream to blush to pink LARGE flowers up to 10". They don't call her dinnerplate for nothing! Plant reaches up to 4' in the garden.

"PRETTY PINK": Another mystery. Possible she's really Brian R, possible she's not. Would classify as Formal Decorative, with flowers spanning up to 5". Some blush/almost orange streaking in the petals can be seen in cooler fall weather.