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Big Moves Only in 2020!

We have a confession to make. We have been sitting on life-changing news for the past few months.

At the end of our 2019 Farmer's Market season, we were approached by a very friendly woman named Gwen who informed us she was thinking about the future of her farm property. The more she told us about it, the more we struggled to keep our heads on straight. A residential property with a studio, a greenhouse, multiple flower coolers, tons of peonies and other established perennials already in the ground... needless to say, we had to think about it.

A month went by, and we still couldn't stop thinking about it. We decided to visit and see what she was offering.

In the late fall, things were still bustling. Gwen has been growing flowers in this soil for over 20 years, selling to wholesalers, florists, and directly to clients.

Sleepy bumblebees take a rest on Gwen's favorite dahlias

There were things. EVERYWHERE. It was more than a little overwhelming. They were all useful things of course--piles of nursery pots, cell trays, terra cotta pots, vases, buckets, tools, hoses--and a few stray cats that have made the studio their home.

It was instantly clear that Gwen had a lot she could teach us. We talked for a long time about her methods, and were majorly impressed with her knowledge and experience.

She took us around and gave us a tour of all her dahlias, the peonies, the gorgeous limelight hydrangeas that were already antiquing in the fall, all her annuals and herb patches... It was impossible not to get excited about the opportunity that stood before us.

Another month went by. We still couldn't stop thinking about it. The greenhouse needs a new roof, the cats, there was more than a little accumulated mess (of useful things!) to navigate around...

Gwen's Zinnia patch

... But this chance was too good to pass up. We struggled in 2019 to squeeze enough out of our gardens to meet the demands of all the things we signed us up for. Some weekends we had CSAs, a Farmer's Market, AND a pop-up back-to-back. We're lucky to know other local flower farmers that we were able to source things from. It was more than clear to us that we were going to need more space. Some terms changed, and we put in an offer... Gwen accepted!

We have officially closed on the property this weekend. Gwen has been wonderful, and we can't wait to carry on the tradition of this little farm. We've started our work now, and we're so excited for you to see what we do with the place!

We're so busy these days with cleaning, starting seeds, applying for farmer's markets, organizing pop-ups... it is going to be a wild year!

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Mar 03, 2020

Amy and I will be up this work

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