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September Pop Up Sales

We were super lucky to get to do a couple of mini sales in September. What makes them mini is not only that they are generally smaller than our full Farmer's Market display, but we love to make and bring an assortment of mini vase arrangements! These vases come from Olivia's personal (slightly obsessive) collection of small glassware and bottles, as well as a good, healthy scouring of all nearby thrift and craft stores.

mini garden arrangements
Production line of mini vases ready to be packed up!

It's so fun to make tiny things. First of all, the vase itself is so inspiring. Whether it is a cut glass cruet or a beautiful cobalt blue bottle, there is always the perfect texture or color to complement the container. They practically make themselves--just kidding!! It can also be quite a challenge to fit stems into a tiny vase, and the shape is almost impossible to control at times. Last time, I listened to Lil Wayne to keep myself motivated. You gotta do what you gotta do!

catchfly gardens
Mini vases all packed up and ready to go! Very space efficient in the car ;)

While anything in our garden could easily go together in an arrangement, it's fun to be able to make different compositions of flowers. Some vases are a range of pinks and purples, while others might be more textural with lots of greenery and smaller blooms and buds. Of course, there are still some with every color possible. We LOVE color!!

It's also really fun to play around with our display for a pop up sale. When we are at Commonplace Coffee in Point Breeze, we only have a limited space to occupy on the sidewalk out front, where there are normally tables and chairs. Have I mentioned yet how incredibly grateful we are to be able to partner with this local business?! They are so supportive of us and what we do. For this space, we forgo the yellow tent and large table and focus on a smaller display. This is a lot easier to do when we are showing smaller things! We love to use scarves, doilies, and our (new! handmade!) pennant banner to enhance our tables. Last time, I even had to borrow one of Commonplace's tables because we made so many mini arrangements.

Catchfly Gardens pop up at Commonplace Coffee
Pop Up display at Commonplace Coffee in Point Breeze

Seriously, we are so lucky to do what we do. It's nice to be able to make something for anyone! It's always awesome when someone appreciates the choice of glassware, which happens so often, for which we're eternally grateful. Thank you so much to every person who stops and browses our wares, compliments our displays and our flowers, and buys our arrangements, bouquets, fresh cut herbs, and planters.

Catchfly Gardens Pop Up at Madeleine Bakery and Bistro
Larger tent display for our Mini Sale at Madeleine Bakery & Bistro in Wilkinsburg

We got super lucky for our Pop-Up at Madeleine Bakery & Bistro. The weather was so beautiful, their courtyard is so lovely, and Ispirare Coffee was also doing a pop-up on the other side! So many lovely people stopped and talked with us, and we were left with only two little vases to bring home! Every time we are out, we meet the most interesting people. Thank you for talking to us about your flowers and other creative ventures! We hope to talk again soon.


Olivia and Madeline

P.S. Here are some more pictures for your enjoyment!

Catchfly Gardens Pop-Up
Mini arrangements on display at Commonplace Coffee

Catchfly Gardens Pop-Up
Even more mini's, fresh cut herbs, and planters at Madeleine Bakery & Bistro

Catchfly Gardens Pop Up
Our first ever Mini Sale at Commonplace Coffee in May of 2019

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