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Garden Updates: Business is Blooming!

We are so excited to be able to reap the bounty of all our hard work during the spring!

catchfly gardens
Here we are in all our June glory!

Everything is finally in the ground, including four varieties of dahlias, countless zinnias, and these tall snap dragons!!

We have tons of herbs as well, such as four different varieties of basil. We love to use these for their foliage AND their delicate blooms! It's so nice to get a whiff of basil while we are making bouquets, and it means our customers can enjoy that lovely aroma when they take our work home!

Other flowers starting to bloom that we're super excited about: many colors of cosmos, including a "double click" variety from Floret that has delightfully fluffy petals; beautiful lemon-yellow "Marie Chabaud" dianthus; white and pink mixes of yarrow; giant "drumstick" alliums that are going on a month of opening up!! It is fun to watch the stages of flowers as they develop. Sometimes something that you think will be open within a week takes so much longer, and other times something blooms so quickly that it's gone before you even get a chance to see what it looks like fully open! Such is the way of flowers.

Here is one of the most recent bouquets we've made for the Swissvale Farmers' Market, starring:

Black Eyed Susan Rudbeckia

Pink and White Yarrow

Pink Snap Dragon

Purple Meadow Sage

Orange Asclepias

"Queen Lime" Zinnia

and one of our "Drumstick" allium, still not fully opened!

We have been having so much fun designing, both with the garden layout and with bouquets! I (Olivia) am teaching Madeline a lot about working with cut flowers, and Madeline is teaching me so much about the specific type of care each plant requires. It is so much work to grow these beauties, but it feels so worth it when we love what we make, and people at the market love our work as well!

garden bouquet
A June bouquet from our garden

A huge thank you as always to those who support us through our CSA program, and by visiting us at the Swissvale Market!

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