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Meanwhile in the basement...

Delicate Yarrow

We are practically swimming in seeding trays. It's officially time to start them all!! By the end of the month they will be safely in the ground.

Watching the seedlings grow becomes so rewarding once the plants start to be recognizable. Did you know that the first leaves that emerge from the ground are called cotyledons, or "false leaves"? They are quite generic and uncharacteristic, and serve to provide nutrients to the seed before the true leaves emerge. Above, you can see the false leaves of the yarrow underneath the more identifiable true leaves.

Rudbeckia "Cherry Brandy"
Fuzzy Rudbeckia

If you saw the yard space we are working with, you might wonder why we are growing so many plants. WELL, we can officially announce now that we are a part of the Swissvale Farmer's Market this summer!! Starting in June, you can find Catchfly Gardens on Saturdays from 9am-1pm in Swissvale on Noble St. For the beginning of the market, we will be selling starter plants! There will be flowers, herbs, tomatoes, and whatever else we can churn out of our basement--I mean, seed greenhouse!!

Once the starter plants sell and our own are blooming at home, we will be selling flowers by the stem, bouquets to-order, and miniature arrangements in the vases Olivia has been collecting and amassing for years.

We hope you come see us, or better yet, buy into the Summer CSA AND come see us at the Market ;)

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